Tuesday, 17 May 2011

In the Beginning

Right, first of all a to do list:
  • Finish piecing and quilt "Sunflower" quilt for Liz
  • Finish piecing blue quilt top
  • Start on baby quilt for my friend's first born
Second, a small intro of myself:
 I live in South Co Dublin, but I'm originally from Westmeath. I started quilting last year when I took on the major task of making a double wedding quilt for my friend, jumping in at the deep end I know. It took 7 months and huge bouts of dispair and hoping it would finish itself while sitting in the box. I finally finished it and .... ta da...
That is my shadow behind, standing on a chair, so my darling other half gets the perfect photo.

All the work and frustration was worth it when Nicola pulled it out of the bag and the look on her face.

and since then my love of quilting has grown.

I will attempt to update regularly


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