Saturday, 25 June 2011

Productive Saturday

 So it's been a busy Saturday.

E is sick with the flu, so I left him with the remote, wrapped up in a duvet, on the couch. Plenty of sport on the telly to keep him sane.

While he was feeling sorry for himself, I sewed! I finished the striped sports bag. I somehow ended up with too little fabric on the top and had to sew an extra bit on. Lucky for me I had a bit that was the right length and width.

The zip went in no problem, woohoo! and the long strap is the perfect length. Can't wait to show it off at Tuesday's pilates class.

If I was to make it again though I would use a laminate for the outer fabric. With the Irish weather it would be a bit more practical.

My second project of the day was to start on a baby boy quilt, along the same lines as the Spring Song quilt.

I started with the Max and Whiskers charm pack that I bought at the Cottonwood Tree and cut all the charms in half, creating 2.5 x 5 inch rectangles.

I wasn't sure of how to sew them together as i found the variety of colour and pattern in the pack to be a little bit overwhelming. Anyway this is what I ended up with and it looks ok.

I will have to get fabric for a border, backing and binding but thats for another day methinks.

Anyway 'til next time


  1. Your bag looks great! Totally practical and v pretty. Love your quilt top too!

  2. Hi Tess, Fiona here from patchworkdelights (and Sew Irish) dropping in to say hello! Like your blog and now a follower!