Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year...

... and it's set to be a bit of a mad one.

The Big events:
Moving house in June
Getting married in October

We have at least 2 weddings to go to, my exams, E's Thesis and who knows what else will come up throughout the year.

Over the last month I have completed 2 quilts:
1. a rag quilt, lap-size for E
 2. And as my very first quilt was a wedding present for N & J (finished this time last year), I thought it was only right that their new little baby girl should also get one.
 And as I hadn't used the panels from the FQ bundle yet I thought that making one of them into a Caterpillar Softie would be a lovely companion for the quilt.
My first commission for Y is now in progress and I hope to have it completed by the end of February.

Anyway I wish you all blessings for 2012


Sunday, 20 November 2011

Busy Busy Busy

 So during an unbelieveably busy fortnight in work, I had volunteered to take a stall at our annual Market Fair that is held in the canteen during lunch.

This is my display, and I just want to say thanks a mil to my colleagues who called in and supported me on my first sales attempt.

Below are a number of the items that I had for sale.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Birthday Present

So my birthday was last Saturday and as E was working that day and night, I decided to do a patchwork workshop at The Cottonwood Tree, in Kilcullen. The class was nice and small (3 of us) and taught by Katie.

We learned a quick strip piecing method of doing a 9-patch block. It was a fun class, especially getting to pick fabrics, ribbon and buttons from the shop. Rose had fat quarters already cut or she would cut from the bolt if there was a particular print.

The great thing was that although we were all at different levels (from complete novice to some experience) we all came out with a beautiful finished product. The other two ladies made fabulous Christmas table runners. Katie's style of teaching is so easy going and enthusiatic that I couldn't help but get excited about embellishments and buttons and ribbons, stuff that I normally don't bother about.

I have to say that I will definitely be going back.

Talk soon

Monday, 10 October 2011

Attack of the caterpillars... and the nerves

Well I finished a quilt for my friend, Chuck's first baby, Chloe.
I apologise for the quality of the photo's but they were taken at 6 in the morning.

Us girls all got together last week to welcome baby Chloe and give Chuck the girly night in she deserves. I suppose you could call it a baby shower. Anyway all I got all night is: "You're next!" scary.

I love the colours in the Hungry Caterpillar collection and I felt it really needed to be showcased. Also I have enough left over to do another quilt for another friend who is due in December.

On another note... I signed up to have a stall at the work Christmas Market. I think I must be mad. E thinks it's brilliant to be getting out there and drumming up some business, however at the minute this is a hobby and I really don't want to make a fool of myself.

On the other hand I have now taken the plunge and if I don't make a decent go of it, I will be throughly disappointed in myself.

Better go make a(nother) list.
PS: 600 pageviews!!! thanks!!!
PPS: so disappointed Ireland got knocked out of the Rugby World Cup, I am now supporting NZ in their absence, but well done to Brian, Ronan and the boys!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Pay it Forward

Hi All,

sorry for the prolonged absence, but I come back bearing gifts.

After seeing this post from Catherine of Blue Square Quilting I have also decided to Pay It Forward.

This is how it works:
The first 3 bloggers to comment on this post will recieve a small handmade gift within the next 12 months.
I will then contact these 3 lucky people for postal address. (I'll even post internationally :D)
Then it is your turn to play along and post a similar giveaway on your blog.

Come on guys while I'm feeling generous !!


Saturday, 25 June 2011

Productive Saturday

 So it's been a busy Saturday.

E is sick with the flu, so I left him with the remote, wrapped up in a duvet, on the couch. Plenty of sport on the telly to keep him sane.

While he was feeling sorry for himself, I sewed! I finished the striped sports bag. I somehow ended up with too little fabric on the top and had to sew an extra bit on. Lucky for me I had a bit that was the right length and width.

The zip went in no problem, woohoo! and the long strap is the perfect length. Can't wait to show it off at Tuesday's pilates class.

If I was to make it again though I would use a laminate for the outer fabric. With the Irish weather it would be a bit more practical.

My second project of the day was to start on a baby boy quilt, along the same lines as the Spring Song quilt.

I started with the Max and Whiskers charm pack that I bought at the Cottonwood Tree and cut all the charms in half, creating 2.5 x 5 inch rectangles.

I wasn't sure of how to sew them together as i found the variety of colour and pattern in the pack to be a little bit overwhelming. Anyway this is what I ended up with and it looks ok.

I will have to get fabric for a border, backing and binding but thats for another day methinks.

Anyway 'til next time

Friday, 24 June 2011

Significant by it's Absence

I know, everyone's been wondering: "Where's Tess?" (yeah right).

Well the last few weeks I have done sod all sewing. This is mainly due to a lot of uncertainty and worry around my day job. But i've decided to put it to one side, try not to worry, and if it all goes tits up sure I could just make quilts full time for a while.

Anyway enough of that! Update on my singer: the timing's off on it so I need to get it serviced other than that the movement is smooth and i've been practicing on the pedal.

I will be doing more sewing over the weekend so I'll update then.

talk soon