Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Cottonwood Tree

as I posted this morning, this is just a quick update.

I went to Kilcullen with Liz to the Cottonwood Tree craft shop, and I shall definitely be returning. Rose is so helpful. If you have read the latest Irish Quilting magazine there is a feature article on her shop. I bought some Warm & Natural wadding and a Max & Whiskers charm pack by Moda Fabrics.

I am now aware that the wadding I had purchased in Hickeys can't be tumble dried; so I have spent most of my evening unpicking the squares I had done for my rag quilt. Oh well!

busy week.

It's been a long couple of weeks, I decided to try to get the wall hanging finished for L.

Using lovely oranges and yellows and a tulip print, and drawing inspiration from the sunflower, I did a hexagonal log cabin type block with a checkerboard type background. 
When I went to bind the quilt I not only sewed the binding with too large of a seam allowance but I also managed to sew one of my safety pins into the quilt. Necessitating that I rip around most of the perimeter.

Ah well it was finished and hung for L in time. Unfortunately i don't have a pic, but you can use your imagination.

 On a better note my Hungry Caterpillar fat quarter bundle arrived from The Fat Quarter Shop on Monday. This will be the makings of a quilt for my friend, C's, first born. I was delighted that it only took 14/15 days from when I ordered.

My friend, N, is now also expecting, and is due in December so she will now be recieving another quilt for this Xmas.
The bundle also comes with 2 lovely panels, which may end up as wall hanging, we'll see.

I love love love the colours, they are so vibrant. My fave print is the coloured spots.

I have also started a quilt top that would suit a baby girl, that has yet to be finshed. The quilt so far is 2" squares (finished size) arranged 12 squares x 12.  I'm thinking of adding a white border and binding with a pretty blue fabric that's lying around in my stash.
So just to make a bit of room I decided It would be a good idea to start a rag quilt. I got the idea from Amanda Jean's blog Crazy Mom Quilt.

I started cutting 4" squares of wadding and using a bargain charm pack (90 charms) from the Cotton Patch, but I found the seam allowance very scant so I am now using 3.5" squares of wadding. And now the squares are slightly taking over my sewing table and the ironing board and any other available space.

Anyway I'm off to visit the Cottonwood Tree in Kilcullen, to see if I can get some more wadding as the stuff that they sell in Hickey's is not really suitable as it moves too much when quilting.

til next time

Tess x

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

In the Beginning

Right, first of all a to do list:
  • Finish piecing and quilt "Sunflower" quilt for Liz
  • Finish piecing blue quilt top
  • Start on baby quilt for my friend's first born
Second, a small intro of myself:
 I live in South Co Dublin, but I'm originally from Westmeath. I started quilting last year when I took on the major task of making a double wedding quilt for my friend, jumping in at the deep end I know. It took 7 months and huge bouts of dispair and hoping it would finish itself while sitting in the box. I finally finished it and .... ta da...
That is my shadow behind, standing on a chair, so my darling other half gets the perfect photo.

All the work and frustration was worth it when Nicola pulled it out of the bag and the look on her face.

and since then my love of quilting has grown.

I will attempt to update regularly