Saturday, 25 June 2011

Productive Saturday

 So it's been a busy Saturday.

E is sick with the flu, so I left him with the remote, wrapped up in a duvet, on the couch. Plenty of sport on the telly to keep him sane.

While he was feeling sorry for himself, I sewed! I finished the striped sports bag. I somehow ended up with too little fabric on the top and had to sew an extra bit on. Lucky for me I had a bit that was the right length and width.

The zip went in no problem, woohoo! and the long strap is the perfect length. Can't wait to show it off at Tuesday's pilates class.

If I was to make it again though I would use a laminate for the outer fabric. With the Irish weather it would be a bit more practical.

My second project of the day was to start on a baby boy quilt, along the same lines as the Spring Song quilt.

I started with the Max and Whiskers charm pack that I bought at the Cottonwood Tree and cut all the charms in half, creating 2.5 x 5 inch rectangles.

I wasn't sure of how to sew them together as i found the variety of colour and pattern in the pack to be a little bit overwhelming. Anyway this is what I ended up with and it looks ok.

I will have to get fabric for a border, backing and binding but thats for another day methinks.

Anyway 'til next time

Friday, 24 June 2011

Significant by it's Absence

I know, everyone's been wondering: "Where's Tess?" (yeah right).

Well the last few weeks I have done sod all sewing. This is mainly due to a lot of uncertainty and worry around my day job. But i've decided to put it to one side, try not to worry, and if it all goes tits up sure I could just make quilts full time for a while.

Anyway enough of that! Update on my singer: the timing's off on it so I need to get it serviced other than that the movement is smooth and i've been practicing on the pedal.

I will be doing more sewing over the weekend so I'll update then.

talk soon

Friday, 10 June 2011

I Have Such a Fab Fella!!

Look what he bought me!!!!! :D
Its a Singer 1934 Treadle Sewing machine, made in Clydesbank Scotland. and threaded in the machine was a spool of black cotton from the Irish Cotton Company, Westport, which I believe was in business from 1936 to c 1970 (I'm open to correction on this). It needs a good clean and a good oil but it's a gorgeous piece of machinery, very like what my granny and great grandmother used in their home.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Striped Sports Bag

 This weekend I started a new project for myself, because I always seem to be making things for other people, I thought I deserve something pretty too.

Anyway the sports bag is based on the Baby on the Go Diaper bag designed by Bradie Sparrow from A Quilty Kind of Girl for MBS.

I am using the striped fabric for the main body and the red for the straps, side pockets and lining. The colours are my home GAA team's.

The quilting on the bag is straight-line following the stripes on the fabric.

I decided to use contrast stitching on the long strap just to echo the white of the main body. And I think it looks quite well.

I should be able to finish the bag in the next few nights and I'll post the last few pics then.

Til next time

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Spring Song

 It's so pretty! and it felt really quick to put together and quilt.

'Spring Song'
33" x 33"

the centre panel is 12 by 12 2" squares and the border is 4".

I didn't quilt it very heavily, on the panel is 'stitch in the ditch' and around the border i just did 2 wavey lines.

The backing is some half price fabric I picked up in Hickeys and the binding is a light blue fat quarter I picked up at the Knitting & Stitching Show 2010, pieced with some left-over charm squares.

 I think it worked out lovely and the new wadding is so much easier to work with.

Til next time